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Better Business Outcomes

Decision-making for senior executives is more complex and important than ever before. Better informed decisions lead to better outcomes across all areas of business – i.e. competitive advantage, customer retention, supply chain efficiency, return on equity, sustainability, equity valuations, cyber security, brand health and creative development.

Customer Journey// 01

The path to purchase in B2B decision-making is a complex interplay of influence amongst a broad group of stakeholders. Each has its own perspective, value-add and agenda. Acknowledging this is one thing, understanding it another; leveraging that knowledge to make better decisions is business nirvana.

Brand Health// 04

Brand health is measured by people's response to what you say in paid and owned communications. Are your communications resonating with your desired audience, are the tone and language creating the right message and is your media mix optimising ROI? Our tracking framework and creative evaluation tools guide better business outcomes.

Thought Leadership// 02

Demonstrating leadership in thinking about complex business issues can be used as a subliminal sales tool. But thinking alone is not enough (unless you are an acknowledged business leader - Branson, Buffet, Jobs, Gates, Bezos), it needs to be empirically substantiated to cut through in a busy world. The empirical 'key' is provided by better business insight.

KOL Communities// 05

Leveraging the collective knowledge of industry-aligned, key opinion leaders is the pinnacle of B2B insight. Our investment in creating such engaged communities is the bedrock of our differentiation. By clinically recruiting KOLs, analysing their unstructured data and conducting structured research amongst them, we provide better business insight.

Reputation// 03

Reputation is defined by stakeholder response to your actions. You take action to deliver your strategy. You need a responsible framework for understanding the likely and actual consequences of your actions. Nobody has a better heritage and understanding of engaging with the full spectrum of stakeholder audiences in an informed business context. This leads to better business decisions.

Loyalty// 06

NPS, C-sat, CX, Loyalty... it's a crowded space with little unique differentiation between providers. We understand this and simply say that we are a better partner when your insight requires technical or industry understanding​ or engagement with a senior business audience.

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