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Nostradamus has the unmatched blend of skills, knowledge, experience and technology to create a unique, combined solution for new and better insight.

Better Insight

We are data agnostic and specialists in all insight gathering methodologies which means we focus on the optimal approach for your business challenge.

We work across structured and unstructured data, with modern and conventional approaches and deploy advanced analytics to complex solutions.

We are B2B specialists, operating globally across industry and business verticals. Analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are intrinsic to what we do.

Better Decisions

Decision-making is more complex than ever before with more stakeholders involved with different concerns.


Deciphering this complexity to navigate business challenges such as competitive advantage, customer retention, supply chain efficiency, return on investment, sustainability, equity valuation, cyber security, brand health and communications requires better insight.

Better Outcome

Today's business stakeholders are better informed than ever before and they are empowered with social and digital connectivity.


Businesses that understand the gaps between what they say they will do, what they actually do and how different stakeholders will react to those actions, make better business decisions.


Better decisions lead to better outcomes because the business context is understood at a holistic and granular level.


A global community of digitally & socially connected key opinion leaders

Global Energy Stakeholders


A resource which predicts how industry stakeholders will react to anticipated and unanticipated corporate actions, based on empirical historical evidence, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A clinically recruited community of renowned influencers on the global energy stage digitally & socially connected.

Analysed across reputation, brand, competitive, tactical and strategic metrics and attributes.

Deploying sentiment analysis, natural language processing and advanced analytics to determine the historic, present, real-time and predictive interpretation of the business landscape.

Empowering Boards and Executive Committees to make more informed decisions leads to better business outcomes.

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