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Nostradamus Consulting, the specialist B2B Insight and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Communities firm, has partnered with the Energy Council, the world’s leading network of senior energy executives. The partnership will provide a series of four major studies examining stakeholder sentiment towards energy majors and smaller players and measure their performance in the transition towards the provision of cleaner energy and stronger corporate governance.

The studies will draw data from Nostradamus’ community of over 2,700 energy stakeholders and analyse over time to measure companies’ performance against 5 key criteria:

· Good Corporate Citizen

· Financial Titan

· Excellent Operator

· Human Capitalist

· Energy Transformer

The stories emerging from the data and analytics programme will be explored in detail through a programme of primary research conducted quarterly with the industry’s leading stakeholders, drawn from investment, media, government and regulatory bodies.

Nostradamus founder and director, Julian Green comments: “I am so pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Energy Council and its members applying our unique blend of data analytics and specialist B2B primary research to such a real-world challenge as we learn to combat climate change.”

The Energy Council’s primary mission is to connect energy executives to the finance and investment communities surrounding them. Commenting, Amy Miller, CEO of the council says: “This insights partnership will provide a much-needed barometer of how our members and their stakeholders are navigating the complexities of the transformation of our industry. We will be sharing the research findings with our members via a series of events over the coming 12 months.”

Enquiries: Julian Green +44 (0)7742 440078,

Natasha Johnson +44 (0) 20 7384 8085,

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